This is number of people who can fit in a square metre (or similar area in feet or yards depending on your Settings).

It is recommended that you determine the best value for your population by measuring how many people you can fit in a given area. Mark out a 3 metre square (or similar area in feet or yards) and fill the area with people of the same age as the people to be photographed. Don't pack them in too tightly as leaving some extra space will allow for variations in size, and allow room to move people closer together if you start to run out of space.

Count how many people fit in the area then divide by the area. For example if 30 children fit in a 3m by 3m area then the people/m2 is 3.33 (30 ÷ (3x3)).

If you prefer to enter this value in people/foot2 or people/yard2 you can change the measurement units in Settings.

As a starting point use the following values



People/foot2 People/yard2
Children under 11 (standing) 5 0.46 4.18
Children under 11 (sitting) 4.5 0.42 3.76
Older children and adults 4 0.37 3.34


The default value is 5.0 people/metre2. You can change the default value in Settings (Pro version only).