The table below shows which the GroupCalc features are available in the Free and Pro versions of GroupCalc.


GroupCalc FreeGroupCalc Pro


Big Stands Calculator Yes Yes
Keystone Calculator Yes Yes
Select calculator to display on start-up (default is Big Stands Calculator) - Yes

Big Stands Calculator

Maximum number of people that can be entered 100 400
Set Default posing style (default is "Square") - Yes

Keystone Calculator

Maximum number of people that can be entered 9,999 9,999
Supports "Rectangle" Shape Yes Yes
Supports "Two Numbers" Shapes Yes Yes
Supports "Custom" Shapes Yes Yes
Number of colours that can be used to draw a custom shape  1 4
Import and Export custom shape definitions - Yes
Select measurement units (metres, feet, or yards) Yes Yes
Set Results Precision for Keystone calculations (default is 2 decimal places on tablets, and 1 decimal place on phones) 1 decimal place 1 or 2 decimal places
Supported Ruler Grid sizes for custom shapes. 8x12 (phones)
16x24 (tablets)

8x12, 16x24, 32x48

Choose between "Safe" and "Exact" calculation modes (see Settings for details). Default is "Safe" mode.  - Yes
Select whether the centre line ruler is semi-transparent (so that you can see the underlying shape), or solid (for easier readability) Always semi-transparent Select semi-transparent or solid
Set Default Shape to be used (default is "Two Numbers")  - Yes
Set Default Focal Length to be used (default is 35mm)  - Yes
Set Default Camera Tilt to be used (default is 45o  - Yes
Set Default Border value to be used (default is 15%) - Yes
Set Default People Density to be used (default is 3.0/metre2) - Yes